Football’s Hidden Story

‘Football’s Hidden Story’ and ‘Football’s Untold Story’ are two powerful human interest series endorsed by FIFA and produced by Infront. Both demonstrate the extraordinary effect football can have on ordinary people across the globe, capturing emotional human stories and insights on FIFA’s role beyond that of a rule-making body.

Social and human development through football

“Football’s Hidden Story”, the first series (26 episodes), and “Football’s Untold Story”, the second series (10 episodes), report dramatic and inspiring stories, unearthed through extensive, international research and brought to life by experienced directors and award-winning cameramen. Shot and delivered in HD, both series were made available to broadcasters across the globe. Filming took place in some of the world’s most challenging locations, including the slums of Calcutta and Bogota, the townships of South Africa and the foothills of the Himalayas. The second series focuses mostly on Africa.

Produced by Infront and funded by FIFA, all 36 episodes highlight FIFA’s influence beyond football regulation and their contribution toward developing social and human aspects through the sport. Footage demonstrates how in the majority of underprivileged areas of the world, football has a massive impact on people’s lives. The work was done in the name of “Football for Hope”, the global umbrella movement founded in 2005, uniting FIFA with streetfootballworld to support people who use the game to tackle social challenges.

Superb broadcast content

The essence of the series is flexibility. Stories were provided both cut and uncut, in an edited three/four minute segment or in the form of a VNR, which could then be edited by each broadcaster as an integral element of sports, news, documentary and current affairs programmes. The series was originally made available to broadcasters on a dedicated download server – now a selection can be viewed at



  • New approach to programming, involving extensive, international research, to find dramatic and heart-warming stories.
  • Football’s Hidden Story used what is believed to be the first dedicated download server created for a single television series.
  • The first series was taken up by more than 100 broadcasters; the second series reached an estimated cumulative audience of 550 million.
  • Eurovision, distributed every single story from the second series, with average exposure of 25 countries per episode.

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