Innovation for UCI Track Cycling

Infront (through subsidiary HBS), handled the host broadcast and distribution of the UCI Track Cycling World Championships 2015. Introducing a first ever filming innovation, live on-board cameras were installed on competition bikes and integrated into the production plan to give audiences an entirely new viewpoint of the event.

Identifying and delivering innovation

As part of its inaugural host broadcast for the event and in addition to its usual goal of providing world-class and specialised production services, HBS planned and implemented a new feature that had previously been missing from track cycling coverage. For the first time ever at a UCI Track Cycling World Championships, miniaturised cameras were installed on the bicycles’ saddle tubes to transmit live images of the race to viewers worldwide, as well as to the Velodrome’s giant screen. Following initial research and development to make the camera and radio frequency (RF) transmitter as safe, compact and light as possible, HBS organised a number of tests to establish the project’s viability. The French National Team participated in the first of these tests, with a second one taking place at the UCI’s headquarters in Aigle, Switzerland. HBS collaborated with RF transmission experts Broadcast RF  - who supplied the cameras, transmitters, specialised operators - and their technical partner VideoSys Broadcast.

Host broadcast with an entirely new viewpoint

Overall, HBS operated more than 13 standard cameras at the event, carrying out the host broadcast with a team of 72 experienced staff. The HDTV signal was provided to more than 100 countries and territories with over 300 media representatives accredited onsite. Used in various events over the five days of competition, there were miniaturised cameras installed on competition bikes, with four sending live images. Every race at the event was covered in its entirety. In total, 571 hours of coverage was produced and the event was shown in 30 TV markets.


  • A first ever broadcast innovation was achieved for the UCI Track Cycling World Championships
  • Audiences were provided with an entirely new viewpoint of the event
  • HBS produced 571 hours of coverage which was seen in 30 TV markets

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