What makes the Hammer Series different?

Mark Butterman – Director of Summer Sports at Infront – offers his take on what will set the Hammer Series apart

The Hammer Series is primarily the result of pure passion. From the original concept development by riders and teams, and now with passion exhibited by Velon and Infront. It's a project of pure "herzblut" and this is manifested by the integrated efforts of the athletes, host cities, local organisers, Velon and Infront.

The event is a real start-up. We were able to create a bespoke sports product that best fits the objectives of the teams, fans, media and our commercial partners.

The first event at the new race track - Sportzone Limburg - is taking a digital-first approach, with live coverage of all professional races being streamed on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube (GCN channel).

The live video will also be available in the Velon app, developed by Infront, where users can see live rider data - speed, power, cadence and heart rate - all in real-time.

In addition, clips taken from the live video will appear on the Hammer and Velon social media channels shortly after the moment has happened so that users not watching the live stream can keep up with all the action. This has been complemented by a very comprehensive social media activation strategy over the last few months using the power of all the best teams and best riders content and messaging. Hammer’s social media presence in the run-up to the event has dominated the cycling scene in this area and we’re all looking forward to the event starting today.