The secret world of Broadcaster Services

What is the role of Broadcaster Services at a sports event? Infront’s Associate Director- Broadcaster Services Bettina Vecchi takes you behind the scenes and explains how her team consistently delivers the best results at some of the world’s biggest sports events.

The first thing to remember is that we treat all events with the same priority and therefore first priority.

A lot of what we do involves planning resources well ahead of time, which is essential for managing several projects at once.

On-site, we act very much behind-the-scenes. This includes handling duties, such as:

  • Setting up our working spaces/offices;
  • Holding numerous meetings with the local organising committee and the federations to finalise the final set-ups and procedures;
  • Handling unilateral services: From setting up the commentary positions and mixed zone positions; to ensuring that broadcasters are on time for booked stand-up positions, have their spots for flash interviews and get their parking passes;
  • Reviewing all satellite bookings with the satellite provider and making sure that the satellite tests work well.

The team must also ensure that the commercial displays are correctly set up in the fan area and outside of the arenas as well as double-check that the sponsor logos end up on the right team shirts.

There are also logistical issues to look after. The co-ordination of drivers and transportation to ensure that our people get to the right place at the right time is a good example of that.

Organising and training the hostesses is also an intense and on-going duty, and we must ensure that the Infront hospitality area is properly set up and that all guests feel comfortable.

At the end of the day, it’s about delivering a service to our clients with minimal disruption.