Infront secures Opel as Official Car Partner for Fortuna Düsseldorf and SC Freiburg

The automotive group celebrates a comeback following ten years away from football sponsorship

Frankfurt/Rüsselsheim, Germany - Adam Opel AG is back in the Bundesliga stadiums: The company is to become the Official Car Partner of Fortuna Düsseldorf and SC Freiburg from the 2012/13 season onwards. This is equivalent to a sponsorship involvement on the second highest level – as a premiumsponsor and premiumPARTNER respectively. Negotiated by Infront Sports & Media, the exclusive marketing partner of both clubs, the contracts will run for several years.

Opel is one of the technologically most advanced automobile manufacturers in Europe with headquarters located in Rüsselsheim, Germany. By partnering with the two Bundesliga clubs, the brand will receive extensive advertising presence in both the MAGE SOLAR Stadion and the ESPRIT arena.

Involving retailers, employees and customers

Through the sponsorship, Opel will also take advantage of numerous promotional and activation opportunities at both the stadiums and at their own sales offices. In addition there is an extensive hospitality contingent available to Opel, which it will use to involve its retailers, employees and customers in the sponsorship. As the Official Car Partner, Opel will supply the two clubs with a fleet of vehicles for use by the employees, the teams and the youth squads.

Karl-Friedrich Stracke, CEO of Opel, explains: “Football, as such a popular sport, fits the Opel brand perfectly as it is positioned in the centre of society and delivers Opel’s futuristic car design and innovative technology to the broader population.”

Andreas Marx, Marketing Director of Opel, adds: “There is a unique connection with each club. SC Freiburg, with its ‘green image’, is the perfect platform for themes related to Opel’s communication – such as sustainability and energy efficiency. The promotion of Fortuna Düsseldorf after the dramatic relegation is possibly one of the greatest comebacks in the history of the Bundesliga and fits well with our own ambitions.”

Two Bundesliga clubs holding high appeal across

Germany Ralf Koslowski, Managing Director of Infront Germany, said: “With Opel, both SC Freiburg and Fortuna Düsseldorf receive a partner with a strong and very successful history of involvement in sports sponsorship. Returning to football, the company has chosen Bundesliga clubs that are popular across Germany and that each have a large fan base. Due to their professional structures, premium hospitality options and advanced advertising solutions, Opel has found the perfect environment to once again become an integral component of German football.”

Peter Frymuth, CEO of Fortuna Düsseldorf: “Two brands, one comeback: After many years of absence, Fortuna and Opel are back in the Bundesliga. Opel has always remained close to football and its down-to-earth brand appearance fits perfectly with our club. ‘We live football' - this is the principle which will guide our partnership, we are pleased to take on the challenge of the 2012/13 Bundesliga season together with a strong partner.”

Fritz Keller, First Chairman of SC Freiburg, said: “This is great for German football. We are pleased that Opel is back in the Bundesliga and that we are part of their comeback - supporting the brand first hand. A down-to-earth approach, passion and authenticity are the principles of SC Freiburg. For Opel, this provides an ideal, emotional environment to address its target groups appropriately. The company campaigns for innovation and sustainability and is therefore the ideal Car Partner for SC Freiburg – known for its high environmental standards. In the spirit of sustainability and a long-term approach, Opel’s involvement will not only be advantageous to the professional players but also to the SC Freiburg football school.”