German Basketball Bundesliga (BBL)

The easyCredit Basketball Bundesliga (BBL) – Germany’s highest basketball league with a total of 18 teams – has recorded steady growth for years. On an international level, the BBL is among the top three leagues in Europe, attracting over 1.5 million spectators in the arenas per season.

One of top three leagues in Europe

With 350 games from September to June, the BBL continues to grow in popularity and exposure. Basketball is the fastest growing sport in Germany and the only sport next to football with full coverage of all matches - accessible via IPTV, PC, Tablet and Smartphone. On average each game attracts 100,000 viewers on live Sport1 TV as well as 100,000 online via live streaming on and on Facebook over 185,000 fans.

Supporting the BBL’s marketing activities, Infront distributes valuable sponsorship opportunities such as the Title Sponsorship as well as the Referee and Timekeeper-Package. The league is an attractive platform, which delivers rapid and sustained brand awareness as well as positive image values, particularly also for non-domestic brands entering the German market.

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