SC Paderborn 07

SC Paderborn 07 was originally founded as TuS Paderborn-Neuhaus following the merger of FC Paderborn and TuS Schloß Neuhaus in 1985 and took on its current, shorter name in 1997. It has 5,200 official club members.

Offering key sponsorship rights, Infront provides opportunities to showcase sponsor brands alongside SC Paderborn 07 at home matches of the 2. German Football League. Playing at the Benteler Arena to a full capacity of 15,000, the activation options onsite are highly targeted. As well as stadium advertising in camera view – including rotating boards in the first row and static boards in the second row, there are opportunities for tailored promotions as well as the right to use the official logo and title for promotional purposes. Continued exposure is also offered through logo presence on the official website - which averages 185,000 impressions per month - and printed materials.

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